The Governors of the school carry out their strategic role by deciding on what they want the school to achieve and providing a strategic framework to get there. Currently the Governing body consists of the following representatives:

Category Representative Term End
Church Rev D. Parry Ex-officio
  Mrs E Mills October 2024
  Mr C Roberts October 2024
LEA Cllr Mrs J Vaughan July 2021
  Cllr Mrs E Leighton-Jones July 2021
  Cllr Mrs E Hughes July 2021
Town Council Cllr Mr M Craven July 2023
Parents Mrs G Noon November 2024
  Mrs S Jensen November 2024
  Mr M Teasdale May 2022
  Mr C Awelan May 2022
Teacher Mr G Rhys  
Staff Mrs M Williams  
Headteacher Mrs P Thomas  
Chair of Governors Mrs G Noon
Clerk: Mrs L Beards