Cyngor Ysgol

Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan ...

The new 2017 - 2018 school council have had a very busy first half term!

During our first meeting we introduced ourselves and discussed what makes a good school councillor. Previous school council members explained what is expected of them and what to expect.

We wrote down everyone’s ideas for the next school year, important points and rules to follow in meetings. Eryn ordered new school council badges for everyone to wear.

We chose who would visit St Johns church in December with Mrs Swainson to buy Fairtrade items to make a hamper to raffle in the infants Christmas concert.

We decided for Children in Need on November the 17th we would like to have a crazy outfit day! In total we raised £219.45

Grace said she would keep checking the suggestion box to see if other pupils had put forward ideas for the school council.
Everyone had their photograph taken for the school council wall display.

Riley called Mr Astrop – A school governor to invite him to the next meeting on the 27th of October.

On the 27th October school councillors, Mr Astrop and Mrs Swainson met to discuss the forthcoming head teacher interviews.

The School councillors thought of 5 questions to ask the head teacher candidates during their interviews.

We decided that Lowri the school chairperson would then report back to the adult interviewing panel and give the ‘pupils’ voice’.

The interview experience was very exciting and interesting and the pupils were pleased to hear Mr P Thomas was successful as they enjoyed his discussion with them.

After Christmas the pupils will meet to discuss Spring term activities and possible fundraising ideas such as a Tesco token appeal, St David’s day celebrations and Fairtrade fortnight.